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The Most Extreme Islands In The World


Tropical Island

Winning the lottery has a lot of advantages (obviously). One of them is having the freedom to live wherever you want. One of the most popular lottery fantasies people have, and therefore a common topic of ours, is getting away from it all in fine style, and living on a tropical island.

Of course the superwealthy are all about extremes and eccentricities, so, with that in mind, we’ve gathered for you a list of the most extreme islands in the world.

Tristan Da Cunha

Located in the South Atlantic Ocean, Tristan Da Cunha is the most remote inhabited archipelago. If we have to be exact, there is only one inhabited island in the whole archipelago. Why go there? Well, because it is a fascinating place – the volcanic nature of the islands contributes to their great geographical features, while their location ensures you’ll be more than happy with the sub-tropical climate awaiting you there. The thing is, however, that the whole population of the island consists of about 80 families (sharing just 8 surnames all in all), who are not exactly keen on welcoming strangers to their homeland. There is, however, the option to buy your spot as an outsider – no millionaire has done this, so it’s totally worth trying.

The Pitcairn Islands

Tired of the crowds? Head to the Pitcairn Islands! Located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, The Pitcairn Islands are the least populated country in the world. With a population of about 50 people from 9 families, you won’t have a problem solemnly sunbathing for months, if not years. If you are addicted to TV, however, we certainly recommend that you find another secluded place as this one has only 2 (TWO) TV channels. Internet, on the other hand, is well taken care of with high speed internet services throughout the island.

Socotra Island

Usually referred to as “the most alien-looking place on Earth”, Socotra Island is among the most secluded places you’ll ever come upon. It is exactly the isolation that is actually the reason for this nickname as its heavy speciation leads to the formation of the craziest looking trees ever. As strange as it may sound (and look), the island is inhabited, so it won’t be just you and the alien vegetation. There’s even an airport there, so you may decide to leave any time you want. That’s unless some of the alien species decide to adopt you beforehand (just kidding).

Bouvet Island

Located in the middle of nowhere (in the South Atlantic Sea, that is), Bouvet Island is, not surprisingly, uninhabited. Why is that? Well, maybe because, as being part of Antarctica, 93% of it is covered with glaciers. If you think the climate is awful, you should ask the local flora, which comprises of mainly moss and lichen. Talking about loneliness, these must be the loneliest moss and lichen in the world… I am not suggesting you move there to keep them company, but they’ll certainly enjoy a visit or two. Why not make them happy?

Did you choose an island to visit (or live on) after you become a lottery winner? Make sure to first pick your lucky numbers and play EuroMillions online with us!