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The 4 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

Are you following the tradition to buy a new Christmas ornament for the Christmas tree each year? Have you already started the tradition of adding a new item to your child(ren)’s Christmas ornament collection every holiday season?l

Christmas ornaments and decorations have been used ever since the Middle Ages in the form of candles, roses, wafers, nuts, and sweets. Nowadays, the Christmas tree decoration is a cherished tradition in every Christian family, setting the right festive mood for the upcoming holidays.

In case you have bet on EuroMillion’s Christmas draw, El Gordo, El Nino or MEGA 2017 (or you are planning to do it), you have a chance to become a multimillionaire by Christmas/the beginning of 2017. And, as you know, the rich and famous (as well as lottery winners) have quite a few more opportunities to afford things we, regular people, can only dream about.

This applies to Christmas decorations as well! Imagine you have won a life-changing jackpot and money is never going to be an issue ever again. Let’s see what money can buy you for a holiday glitz even the city hall will be jealous of:

Hallmark Jewellers’ diamond-encrusted bauble

The world’s most expensive Christmas tree decoration features 1,578 diamonds and 118 rubies and is made with 18 carats white gold. Would you expect anything less for the price of £82,000? Needless to say, it’s 100% handmade (and it took over a year for the jewelers to make it). Now that’s what I call a Christmas decoration even royalty would be impressed by.

The Emirates Palace hotel’s Christmas tree

Have you seen the most expensive Christmas tree in the world? It was proudly displayed in the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi in 2010. The tree itself costs “only” a little less than £8,000 but its decoration generously adds £7 million to its value. It includes traditional ornaments and lights with an added glamour of diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones.

The most expensive Christmas wreath

So, we’ve covered the most expensive Christmas ornament and the most expensive Christmas tree. Now it’s time to add that luxurious feel to your door! With the help of Flor Unikon Flowers you get to impress all your neighbors with a Christmas wreath worth £2,835,000. At least that’s what it cost in 2013… For this price, you get much more than a handful of pine cones and branched, though – it features 16 rubies and 32 diamonds!!

The most expensive Christmas tree topper

Oh, the Christmas tree star… It makes your Christmas tree feel complete and warms your heart from the inside… And, in the case with the most expensive Christmas tree topper, it parts you with £615,000.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This glamorous tree top is a real thing of beauty. With 281 diamonds encrusted in solid silver and yellow plated gold, this is a Christmas ornament that will turn your Christmas tree into a real masterpiece. Did we mention the 5 Carat D flawless diamond centerpiece? Once you welcome the New Year, you can (very gently) remove it from the tree topper and wear it as a necklace!

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