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Man Finds Winning Lottery Ticket While Cleaning


happy man

Housework doesn't always have to be a chore, especially if it wins you €500,000. A man in Dublin was tidying his house when he discovered a winning EuroMillions ticket discarded on his bedroom floor.

During his tidy he stumbled across a stack of crumpled papers and discarded lottery tickets. Putting the spring clean on hold, he checked the dusty tickets using an app on his phone, only to find a winner buried amongst them.

He excitedly told the press just what had happened, "I’m absolutely thrilled. I was cleaning up a pile of old Lottery tickets and I just started checking them on the app on my phone. When I saw that I had won the EuroMillions Plus draw, I had to keep scanning my tickets on the phone app with my wife to make sure we had won. It’s hard to imagine that I had a €500,000 winning ticket rolled up into a ball on my floor for three weeks!"

When asked how he would spend his winnings the unknown winner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, declared that he would be focusing his new found wealth on paying off the mortgage. With their housing debts cleared he and his wife hope to put the money towards their children's education.

However, his wife did say that they hoped to enjoy a round the world cruise, something that they had always dreamt about. But went on to reaffirm that their primary focus was long term financial security.

While the couple's identities will remain private, it was revealed that the lucky ticket was sold at Jones’ Deli in Ballsbridge in Dublin on the day of the draw.

Lost or misplaced tickets have been a source of great distress for lotto players for years, and every year millions of pounds worth of prize money goes unclaimed by players who never realise they had a winning ticket.

There have also been high profile cases where players have faked "winning" lottery tickets in order to try and scam money, such as the bizarre case of Susanne Hinte.

It's for these reasons and more that many players have opted to play the lottery online, through websites such as Lottoland, which took Australia by storm earlier in the year. Instead of paper tickets all entrants details are stored online, meaning they receive an automatic email update if they win, whether it's a few quid or the multi-million pound jackpot.

It also removes a lot of the scam issues that plague lotto draws, as it's very difficult to say you've run your electronic ticket through the washing machine!

Want to be smart about your EuroMillions ticket this week? Buy online and be in with a great chance of banking the £16 million jackpot.