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Making Your Own Luck


Lucky cloud

Tuesdays and Fridays are special days for me. They kind of pop out of the calendar and look bigger and brighter. Why is that? It’s because these are my special lucky days – on Tuesdays and Fridays I get not just one but two opportunities to win EuroMillions every week! The good news is I eagerly expect each one of them, waiting for luck to strike me like lightning and make me rich overnight. The bad news is every time I check the draw and figure out I haven’t hit the jackpot, I am disappointed.


If you’re anything like me, you’ll be surprised to find out that this is (probably) the main reason we fail to attract luck in our lives. Disappointment, however, tends to be just one of the many feelings that restrain us from being lucky (or, luckier). Here are some thoughts worth reading on the psychology of luck and how to make your own luck:

Bye Bye Superstitions

Superstitions don’t work. This can be tough to assimilate, but, once you realize it, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition as far as luck is concerned. This is the tricky part – superstitions don’t work when used alone but you can use them to your avail as a “helping hand” to your thoughts and behavior in the quest for a luckier life. For example, a black cat crossing your way means that… well, the animal is obviously headed somewhere. Really. But you can choose to interpret this un(fortunate) event in a million ways (many of which help you get through the day with more good luck than bad).

Give Your Chance A Chance

If I have to formulate this in just one sentence, it would go like this, “Take it easy and be happy.” The truth is that unlucky people seem to be tense and anxious, which makes them oblivious to the countless opportunities the universe presents them on a daily basis. Think of it like this: if you close your eyes, there’s absolutely no chance for you to spot a lucky penny on the floor, right? Well, the same applies to luck in general. If you are not willing to see it, you most probably won’t. Giving your chance a chance means opening your senses to the probability of good things happening in your life.

Off The Beaten Path

While it’s true that you should not expect a different outcome if you follow the same steps, many people don’t realize (or practice) this. It’s surprising how many people are reluctant to change their routine and yet long for something new to happen in their life. The same applies to luck – you cannot expect a lucky strike if you don’t give opportunity the chance to present itself to you!

Hello, Can I Talk To My Sixth Sense?

Often referred to as the inner whisperer or inner voice, your sixth sense can play a major role in your life when it comes to making your own luck. Take the lottery for example. Don’t ever underestimate the power of your sixth sense and listen to it whenever you have the chance of hearing its voice. There are numerous stories of lottery winners, who had a dream about their winning numbers, for example. You may as well be the next lucky lottery winner who has followed their 6th sense!

Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

Positive expectations are often considered powerful incentives that turn bad luck into good lucky win before playing.

Remember it really doesn’t matter what a given situation actually is (good or bad). It’s the way we perceive it that makes it positive or negative. Think about this the next time you feel you’re trapped in the net of unfortunate circumstances and be on the look for the positive side of things. This is a huge step towards making your own luck.

Make Your Own Luck This Tuesday!

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