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A lucky Spanish lottery player gets €25.8 Million EuroMillions Jackpot



There must be something in the air these days and it must be luck! How can you otherwise explain that yet another impressive EuroMillions jackpot has been won last Tuesday? That’s two jackpots (and over €114 million) in seven days! Only a week after the jaw-dropping EuroMillions jackpot of €88,587,275 was won by an Irish lotto player, the jackpot is down again. This time, the winner is Spanish and the jackpot is no less than €25.8 Million!

The Spanish lottery player scooped last Tuesday’s EuroMillions jackpot on 31st January with lucky numbers 3, 4, 17, 23 and 44 (and Lucky Stars 6 and 9). See, that’s why I keep telling you that no strategy will work for you unless you truly believe in your luck.

Take these winning numbers, for example: they are all small numbers (except for 44) so they can easily be picked following the birthday/anniversary practice that many experts reject as a winning system. Well, there you go, experts, when you are lucky, you are lucky. It doesn’t matter if you have a strategy or not!

Last week, I gave some generous advice on what the Irish lucky EuroMillions winner could buy with his €88 million jackpot, Irish style. This week, it’s jackpot fiesta time! Let’s take a look at some fancy Spanish things to pamper yourself with if you are the lucky Spanish winner of the juicy €25.8 Million EuroMillions jackpot:

Jamón ibérico (a.k.a. the finest ham you will ever find under the sun)

The Iberian “Manchado de Jabugo” is currently retailing at €4,100 (£3,192.76) and is featured in the Guinness book of world records. It’s the most expensive pork ham and can be yours either in the form of a cured leg of ham (in its entirety), boned (and in pieces), or, in slices (packaged in a vacuum bag).

It’s so expensive for a reason – the pigs that are used for its production are a special breed and are reared for three years. What’s more, they are on a special diet that guarantees the fine quality, flavor, and taste of the ham. The ham, once salted, spends up to six years in a traditional curing cellar before it’s packed in an oak box made by a local artisan.

The AurumRed Gold wine

You didn’t think I would just throw the finest hamon in the list and not include a wine to go with it, did you?

Now, a refreshing white wine would probably fit the Jamón ibérico pretty well. But, since it’s still February, it would be best to opt for a bold red wine instead. The AurumRed Gold wine will certainly warm your heart (in the company of the world’s finest ham) but it will also set you back $17,000…

The thing is, the AurumRed Gold wine is not an everyday wine. It comes from grapes grown in La Mancha in an old family-owned vineyard. Except for the limited quantities it is produced in, it also boasts a unique mixture of traditional and modern wine-making techniques. The most famous (among the modern ones) is the so-called ozone therapy, primarily used as an alternative treatment for cancer.

What’s more, the vineyard is powered by… pyramidal energy (no kidding) coming from a few pyramids strategically located among the vines. Oh, wait, it becomes even better. The owner, Hilario Garcia, has some impressive ground rules, “it is of utmost importance that no one in a bad mood come close to the vines since this bad feeling is passed onto the plants”.

What more can I say? Grab a nice slice of Jamón ibérico, swallow it with a gulp of AurumRed Gold and enjoy your life as a millionaire.