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Life Changing Win For Lucky Couple


EuroMillions Winners April 2015

After Robert Bruce from Penrith won a sweet £727,308 share of the £2,181,924 Lotto jackpot in the 25th March draw, a Carlisle couple hit the £1,000,000 Euromillions prize in the UK Millionaire Maker draw that took place on 17th April!

The lucky couple, Ivan and Debbie Brown, who are in their 50s, still can't believe their luck. After they found out about the luck that struck their family, they didn't think long before they decided to retire and start living their dream.

They kept the newly found fortune a secret at first as they wanted to surprise their son. "We decided to keep it to ourselves for a while, mainly because our son Terence, is training in the RAF and had his passing out ceremony this week, and we didn't want to tell him until after that. The whole family travelled down to London to celebrate with Terence and it was fantastic."

Ivan shared that the had played The National Lottery ever since its launch and he'd won the odd amount but he'd never thought he'd win such a big amount of money.

The winning ticket was bought from a Tesco garage on Warwick Road. "I wasn't even planning on getting a ticket, but I had a spare 2 in my pocket while getting petrol so decided to pick up a EuroMillions ticket for that night", he says. That's what luck is all about - you never know when it will knock on your door!

When he checked the numbers the next morning, he was shocked to find out he'd won. He was eager to tell his wife and his daughter, but they didn't believe him at first, as he is a practical joker.

The lucky family is already making plans on how to spend this "life-changing amount", as Ivan refers to it. So far they include buying a new home, getting a new car, enjoying a luxury family holiday, and spoiling their three children Rachael (26), Terence (22) and Sarah (18) and two grandchildren Harry (2) and Ellie (12 weeks). As Mr. Brown is an avid Carlisle United fan, he's also planning on buying a season ticket.