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January 2015 - EuroMillions News Roundup

Happy Homecoming For Lucky Irishman

Céad míle fáilte!

If you've ever traveled to Ireland you've probably seen this Gaelic phrase. It's particularly popular within the tourism and hospitality industry. Those visiting relatives may also see it, hanging in a frame on the kitchen wall. It literally translates as ?a hundred, thousand welcomes.?

For one lucky young Irishman, however, a EuroMillions quickpick earned him five times as many welcomes. The 27 year old, who had just returned to his native county of Cork after working abroad, decided to play the lottery on a whim.

`I bought two tickets for the EuroMillions draw on Friday?, he said later, ?I had a feeling I was going to win!´

And win he most certainly did! A cool €500,000 - with which he and his girlfriend plan to buy their first home.

The man, who opted to remain anonymous, comes from the picturesque seaside town of Skibbereen. The town lent its name to a famous Irish folk song and is also Ireland's most southerly town. In recent times it has also gained the distinction of being among the island's luckiest, with several multi-million winning tickets having been sold there.

The Lucky Lincolnshire Syndicate Of 13

A group of factory workers from Spalding in Lincolnshire won £76,000 each having won £1 million with EuroMillions.

Unlucky for some, the number 13 once again proved it's a lucky lottery number as the 13 syndicate members learned of their newly found wealth.

?We didn't want to excite everyone until we'd spoken to Camelot?, the syndicate leader told the press, ?so we kept quiet until lunch time when we could take our break and make the call.?

Apparently, ?it was the longest six hours of my life.?

The coworkers had only been playing for ten weeks, originally with 20 players. An unlucky number of seven decided to leave the syndicate while the rest scooped the win, ?we certainly are the lucky 13.?

Spain And Portugal In EuroMillions Draw

Two neighbours, who're no strangers to rivalry - on the pitch or otherwise - experienced a one-all jackpot draw as players from both Portugal and Spain scooped the EuroMillions jackpot.

Both players had to split the jackpot of over €32 million earning them €16.2 each. Sadly for both winners they'll have to share even more. The taxman will also take his cut, as lottery winnings are taxed in both Portugal and Spain at a mind-boggling rate of 20%.

So if you're travelling abroad this summer keep in mind that it's not all fun in the sun. While lottery wins are tax free within the UK, Ireland and elsewhere, the law states that you can only claim wins from the country where you bought your ticket. So if you win big you'll end up forking over 20% of your rightful winnings to Lisbon or Madrid.

The solution to this is simple - don't bother buying your tickets overseas when it's easier to just play EuroMillions online.

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