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How Men And Women Spend Their Money


Men & Women Spending

“If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.” – Aristotle Onassis

Arguing about what men and women spend their money on will not lead to anything good. While women believe men spend all their money on gadgets, alcohol and sport, men are certain women spend all their money on clothes and make up. The truth is we all spend our money on the same thing – having a good time. It just turns out that having a good time just has a lot of different meanings (usually opposing each other when it comes to the different genders).

It is actually true that men and women spend their money differently and that comes from the fact that we think differently as well. Here are some interesting observations about how men and women spend their money (and the logic behind them):

Philanthropy Is Wearing A Dress

It is widely known that women give more to charities than men. Why is that? Well, the most probable explanation is that women are generally more empathic, so it totally makes sense that they make better philanthropists then men, right? This can be traced back to the prehistoric times when men were competing with each other, each one determined to find the best catch, while women used to help each other, taking care of their own kids together with the rest of the tribe’s kids as one big extended family.

Men Spend More When Women Are Less

There is considerable research that shows that men tend to spend more money when women are not around. In other words, the sex ratio seems to affect our economic decisions. If men are led to believe that there are more men than women around them, they not only tend to spend more money, they also tend to borrow more money!

Women Are Better At Repaying Loans

According to Wall Street Journal, micro-creditors are more willing to loan money to women than to men. The reason? Women are better at paying back loans. According to different studies women get more loans for house-related goods and handle their payments more easily than men.

Women Spend More Wisely

I can almost hear the men’s laughs upon reading this statement, but research shows it’s true. With women taking 40 percent longer to make a purchase and being more likely to do price comparison than men, it is obvious that a family will be better off if a woman takes over the household finances. Women tend to spend more on house-related goods like kitchen appliances, etc., as well as on their children and family. Selfless spending is a term used in the research to illustrate the way mothers and grandmothers spend their money.

Retail Therapy

It turns out both sexes are guilty of this and they're not afraid to admit it! Even though women spend more on clothes and beauty products, while men spend more on food and electronics, both genders use retail therapy to lighten their mood. What’s interesting is that men are more prone to buying bigger (hence more expensive) items more rarely, while women tend to buy smaller (hence less expensive) items but with a greater regularity.

Whether you're a man or a woman, the way you spend your money will inevitably reflect your own approach towards it. Spenders will always be spenders and savers will always be savers  – no matter if they are on a vacation or at home. The important thing is to remember that experiences always bring in more happiness than purchases, so spend wisely and make sure your money makes you happy!