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Generous Lottery Winners – Part One


Generous Lottery Winners

Jane Park is not your typical teenage lottery winner. While some young winners make headlines for all the wrong reasons, Park has made some curious and charitable life choices. The teenager became a media sensation when she won £1 million on her first ever lottery ticket when she was only 17. Her sensational win was covered by all the newspapers as well as being the subject of a fly-on-the-wall BBC documentary.

More recently we learned that she moved back with her mother, renting out the houses she bought, because she couldn’t handle the solitude. She also started working at a local chip shop because she couldn’t stand the boredom and needed some social interaction. Now Jane Park is making headlines again – for all the right reasons.

Too often we hear stories of winners, in particular younger winners who blow vast amounts of cash on high-end consumer goods and hedonistic nightclub blowouts. Not so for Jane. Except for a taste for luxury handbags and taking her mother on a package tour to Benidorm (Jane doesn’t feel comfortable with five star resorts) she hasn’t splurged her winnings much.

Many people raised their eyebrows when Park took up a job in a chippy - despite her wealth. She said she was "bored of spending money".

Only a few days later the young winner made headlines again. The hard-working winner is now chipping in to help a terminally ill boy realise his dreams.

Leon Rendle is 15 and suffers from a rare and dangerous form of cancer. He has always dreamt of visiting Universal Studios in Orlando. As a huge Transformers fan he wants to go on the 3D Transformers ride and also dreams of swimming with dolphins. Now that dream might just come true, with a little help from Jane Park.

When Jane first heard of Leon's wish via social media it clearly affected her deeply. So she contacted the boy's parents on social media offering her financial help.

What Would You Do?

For all the shiny jewellery, big houses and fancy cars you might buy the reality is that most people, when surveyed, have said that their top priority if they won the lottery would be to take care of their loved ones. While new cars and holidays are always mentioned, charitable donations also top the polls.

In fact, it doesn’t matter where in the world these types of polls are conducted, the results are pretty much always the same. People don’t simply want to help themselves to whatever they desire, sooner or latter it becomes hollow compared to the rewards of helping others. Perhaps it really is better to give than to receive.

Tonight’s EuroMillions jackpot is worth a staggering £32 million. This would be more than enough to allow you and your loved ones to live in luxury for the rest of your lives – while still having plenty left over to make this world a better place. So now’s your perfect chance but the clock is ticking! Play EuroMillions now!