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Generous EuroMillions Winners Pay For Fan's Funeral

A couple from Grimsby who won close to £5 million on EuroMillions have offered to pay for the funeral of a fellow football fan, who died on the way to Grimsby Town's play-off final.

Jeffrey Smith suffered a fatal heart attack when journeying to Wembley in a minivan with friends. Despite ill health, the father of three had done his best to never miss a Mariners match, home or away.

Smith's family quickly launched an appeal to raise funds to give Jeffrey a good send off, before Susan and Lee Mullen stepped in to cover the costs themselves.

The couple are also huge Grimsby Town fans - with Lee being one of the club's directors – and have pledged to give fellow fan Jeffrey a 'proper Grimsby Town send-off'.

Susan and Lee won £4.8 million through the EuroMilions draw in 2011, after a bizarre series of events. The couple used to play every week with the same set of numbers. After their daughter came along they gave up, only to see their numbers come in. The couple described themselves as "utterly devastated" after missing out on the chance to become millionaires.

Weeks later Susan dreamt of a £4.6 million lottery win, and bought another ticket with the same numbers as before. Her dream came true and the couple walked away with close to £5 million.

Smith's daughter Kaley, 28, said the family are "overwhelmed" at the Mullens' kindness. "I don't think any of us can thank them enough," she told the press. "It will be a massive boost towards what we are trying to do for him. All of the support we have had has just been overwhelming."

This is not the first time Susan and Lee have helped out fellow Grimsby residents, in 2013 they replaced a trampoline for a family who had theirs stolen by metal thieves, and a year before they had bought a bike for an unemployed man who had been unable to travel to his new job.

Lee joined the Grimsby Town board in 2015, following a unanimous vote. Fellow director John Fenty was "delighted" to welcome him to the board, stating: "Lee has been great in the way he has promoted and offered his support to the club over recent months."

Fans are reportedly trying to organise a moment of silence during Grimsby's next match, during the 51st minute, to mark the age of Jeffrey Smith when he died. 

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