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The Funniest Lottery Facts


Funny Cat

Playing the lottery is fun in itself, but it has more to it than you can imagine! Check out these fun lottery facts that will totally make your day:

The Speed Camera Lottery

Did you know there is such a thing? Well, in Sweden, they have it! Here’s how it works. There’s a speed camera that photographs all license plates (so both those who are speeding and those who drive in the speed limit are caught on tape). Then, there’s a lottery game in which the careful drivers' plates participate in a lottery to win a portion of the money that’s been collected from speeding fines. Speed cameras are much maligned devices, to put it mildly, though perhaps the chance to win a nice big chunk of cash might change that perception.

The 110 Second-Prize Winners

This amazing coincidence took place at the Powerball drawing on March 30, 2005. Incredible though it sounds (and, somewhat understandably the officials initially suspected fraud) turns out it was all to do with fortune cookies. All these fortunate winners played the numbers they got from a fortune cookie with the numbers “22, 28, 32, 33, 39, 40” printed on it. The “40” in the fortune cookie, however, did not match the Powerball number “42”, preventing them from becoming even richer than they are.

The Lottery Ticket Tip

If you are a regular lottery player (like me), it must have happened to you at least once. You go to a bar, have some drinks and you tip the waiter/waitress/bartender with a lottery ticket for the upcoming lottery draw. It’s such a nice gesture and the person receiving this original tip always accepts it with a smile. Well, that was the case with a bartender from Springfield, Oregon, who was tipped with a lottery ticket in 2013. Imagine his surprise when he found out the tip-slash-lottery ticket has won him the sweet $17,500! He even tried to give it back to its original owner, but the customer refused to accept it. After all, a tip is a tip!

The Scratch-Off Receipt

Due to the widespread tax evasion the Chinese government used to face, it decided on a surprisingly wise move. The government incorporated a scratch-off lottery game into their receipt system, so each receipt you got gave you the opportunity to win. This, needless to say, encouraged people to ask for their receipts, preventing the local businesses from under-reporting their income. Surprisingly, it worked!

The Longest Lottery Winning Celebration

Imagine you win the lottery… I bet you’ll throw a hell of a party, right? But most lottery winning parties are nothing compared to the longest celebration by a pub syndicate from London who celebrated their lottery winning for almost two weeks! Now, that’s what I call a party!

68% Of Lottery Winners Keep Playing The Lottery

Isn’t it funny? Once you win the lottery, you become rich; hence you don’t need to participate in the next draw, right? Well, this is just another proof that playing the lottery is not just about the money. Be it a harmless fun, playing the lottery after you’ve won is actually a good thing – you contribute with your lottery winnings to another person’s lucky draw. Besides, you could just as well become “that person who won the lottery twice”. How cool is that?