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Frenchwoman Spends A Fortune Thinking She Won EuroMillions


French Woman looking at Eifel Tower

There's wishful thinking, and then there's blatant stupidity.

One Frenchwoman is making headlines this week for her epic display of the latter.

She thought she won EuroMillions, but rather than doublecheck, or ring in, or basically try to verify her win she just ran out the door and went on an insane shopping binge. Only problem was – she wasn't a millionaire at all!

Shopping Spree

The Frenchwoman wasted no time, but plenty of money, embarking on a major spend-a-thon, racking up €4,000 worth of bills for clothes, perfume, ornaments and other fancy items of the huge price-tag variety.

Her aberrant behaviour shortly started to raise alarms with friends and family, who must have thought she'd gone mad.

Reality Knocks

After four weeks, with no contact from the lottery authorities, it fell upon the lady's husband to explain the situation.

But instead of admitting she was in the wrong the woman instead decided to lie about the situation, claiming her handbag had been stolen.

But CCTV footage showed otherwise.

She was eventually given a four months suspended sentence for fraud after, we can assume, her cheques bounced higher than the Eifel tower.

"I was too afraid and ashamed", she said. The woman now must adhere to a strict, court-ordered repayment plan.

The Moral Of The Story Is…

Boring. And obvious too; be mindful, don't jump to conclusions, liars always get caught out and… Aesop wrote better fables thousands of years ago.

So the real lesson here is simple – play online!

If the Frenchwoman had played online with Lottoland she wouldn't have even had to check the numbers, since all winners are notified automatically!

So if you're still playing paper tickets the old fashioned way try playing EuroMillions online with Lottoland this week where the jackpot is worth £32 million!