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4 Lotteries You Should Definitely Play This Holiday Season



Whether you are a seasoned lottery player or you just buy a lottery ticket when a birthday or another holiday gets you in the mood for lottery playing, you just can’t miss the opportunity to play at least one of these 4 lotteries offering special holiday draws that can literally change your life in 2017:

1.    EuroMillions Christmas Lottery

Although we don’t know what the guys from EuroMillions have come up with for the Christmas holidays this year, chances are a lot of EuroMillions players will get the Christmas present of a lifetime! With offering even bigger than the official EuroMillions jackpots, it’s a crime not to play. Every bet you make on EuroMillions through Lottoland guarantees you a minimum jackpot of £50 million in November and December 2016. What’s more, if the official EuroMillions jackpot grows bigger than £50 million, Lottoland will, of course, match it. Do you need another reason to play?

2.    El Gordo Christmas Lottery

The famous Spanish lottery featuring the world’s biggest prize pool (£2.1 billion) is just impossible to resist. The good news is that, with the help of Lottoland, you get the chance to get a slice of the £2.1 billion prize pool.

The special El Gordo Christmas draw takes place just a few days before Christmas (on 22nd December). The unmatched odds of only 1 in 6 of winning any prize as well as the jaw-dropping prize pool attracts millions of players from all over the world to the Spanish Christmas Lottery – perhaps the most famous lottery worldwide!

3.    El Niño New Year’s Lottery

Often referred to as El Gordo’s little brother, El Niño is another very popular Spanish holiday lottery. It takes place on 6th January and offers its fans the chance to get a portion of the amazing prize pool of £458 million – a great start of 2017, don’t you think?

Here’s what we like the most about El Niño:

4.    MEGA 2017 New Year’s Eve Lottery

Have you heard of MEGA 2017? It’s Lottoland’s exclusive New Year’s Eve jackpot set at £100 million. Yup, that’s a hundred million pounds. You can bet on Mega 2017 online only at Lottoland by choosing 6 numbers between 1 and 60. Match all six numbers and you’re £100 million richer – it’s that simple!

With more than twice as good odds of winning (compared to EuroMillions), MEGA 2017 attracts more and more fans of lottery playing. The good news is that it can be played online and you can win amazing prizes even if you don’t match all 6 numbers. The bad news is that it happens only once a year… So, don’t miss your chance to start 2017 as a multimillionaire!