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20.03.2018 - Tuesday

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Fortune Teller Predicts The EuroMillions Results


Fortune Teller

Whether you believe in mediums or not, Lynne Groves’ story is here to prove that your next EuroMillions win can actually be predicted by a fortune teller. Here’s how it all happened for her:

Back in 2015, Lynne Groves from Chelmsford Essex, England, made an appointment with Jill Childs (a medium) to try and speak with her late father. Little did she know that the psychic visit will end up with a promise she will never have to worry about money in her life again…

Mediums are famous for predicting things like marriages, divorces, babies, and so on. But a lottery win? It’s amazing but, as it turns out, Lynne Groves not only managed to speak with her late father (through the medium) but she also hit a £1 million EuroMillions jackpot only 5 months after her visit to the fortune teller. Now, that’s what I call luck!

Needless to say, the windfall was more than welcome for the 58-year-old who has had her fair share of working for her money. What, with working for 124 hours a week at times prior to her EuroMillions win!

Lynne Groves is only one of the good examples of big-hearted EuroMillions winners who has done not one or two good deeds with the help of her EuroMillions win. Here are just some of the ways in which she helped others thanks to her win (and her good intentions, of course):

As it turns out, this may not be Lynne’s only big lottery win. Or at least that’s what her medium predicted. During one of her latest sessions with the fortune teller, Lynne was told that fate had another lucky surprise for her. According to the medium, there’s another (even bigger) jackpot win waiting to make Lynne happy sometime in the near future…

We are sure fate has good things in store for generous people like Lynne Groves and one of them may just be hitting the next EuroMillions jackpot! Here’s a thought: Lynne, why not bet on EuroMillions online this time on Lottoland and give ME a dream trip to Australia? We’ll keep in touch!