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20.03.2018 - Tuesday

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UK Lotto or EuroMillions – which is better?


Europe and UK


The UK Lotto's been in the news a lot lately. Early last month it reached a record-high jackpot of £66 million. There were two winning tickets worth €33 million each.

Quite a large amount of money, for sure, but it's hard to get excited when that's just an average week on EuroMillions.

At the time of writing the jackpot is €11 million, following this weekend's £50.4 million win.

But this is just one of many reasons why EuroMillions is the better lottery. Not only does it give you bigger jackpots, it gives you lots more ways to win too.

The UK Lotto main game only has six prize tiers, whereas with EuroMillions you have thirteen. So yes, while it's technically easier to win the UK Lotto jackpot, you're far more likely to win a large cash prize with EuroMillions.

Plus with EuroMillions the maximum amount you can win is far greater – a whopping €190 million, or approx. £144.5 million.

Finally don't forget the regular EuroMillions Superdraws! This is when the jackpot is automatically raised to €100 million or approx. £76 million.

And we've a funny feeling one will be coming reeeal soon!

Last year the first Superdraw was held early in March – and, we know from experience, that another early spring Superdraw in 2016 is a very distinct possibility.

Until then, of course, there's still plenty to play for – so, don’t miss your chance to be £11 million richer, play EuroMillions online today!