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Dublin syndicate wins €87 million Euromillions jackpot in Sep 19 draw

The Euromillions Superdraw is nigh with a cool £80 million riding on it this Friday. For those of you from good ol' Britain, that roughly translates to £80 mills straight up - more than enough reason to pray for a pre-Christmas miracle this drizzly fall!

The last UK win in the Superdraw came in March 2014, with (former) car-mechanic Neil Trotter delightedly declaring an immediate investment in a brand new fleet of super-cars. Yup, that is the kind of stuff new multi-millionaires do - become overnight celebs, buy yachts and beach-houses, go on a world tour, give generously to charities? and have their names grace many an internet hoax which is, well, a dubious honour in itself!

Winning the Euromillions Superdraw with its 1-in-100s-of-millions odd is the strongest sign out there - that you really are a chosen one, and getting to decide how to spend it is difficult, really! Decisions, decisions. While we do agree there should be enough left for clever long-term investment, the instant gratification bit does need to be as mega-celebratory as the mega-millions themselves! It's not every day you get such a thumping vote of approval from the Cosmos and the powers-that-be-there.

Here's a few things you can do with your cash-stash, we walk a fine balance here!

  • 1. Exult - Here's when you go OTT, and the world looks on with admiration and not just a bit of envy. You are allowed to be crazy, and it's all the better if it makes sound investment sense later. Go on, look up real estate in always-sunny Mallorca, buy a set of 50-year old rare Scotch single malts and gift a pair to HRM the Queen if you don't happen to be a Scot (yes, there's a very real market for whiskey-investment!), get a vintage super-car and its contemporary model side by side, or buy/adopt a member of an endangered species and make it your brand if you have a business or are looking to set up one!
    Or maybe you might just want to pack off to Vegas to pay essential homage to Lady Luck (and we do suggest - essential homage), buy your own chopper and ride out over the city and into a glorious Grand Canyon sunset in royal style with sparkling champagne. If you like it, buy more choppers and make a real business out of it!
    If nothing, you can always do a trip to Harrods of course, and have your pick of anything from ridiculously expensive shoes to a diamond tiara for your queen to your own private yacht. You've quite earned it all!
  • 2. Share - Create your own philanthropic trust for a cause you truly believe in, sponsor a Nat Geo adventure (and go on it!), contribute to the local community. If you'd rather be more flamboyant, you can even go buy out all the CD copies of your favourite struggling musical talent, and earn some solid goodwill from said artiste and a fashionable 'eccentric millionaire' press-tag for years to come! However, do exercise a bit of caution against random plans and pleas from both the familiar and the unfamiliar; and do consult your financial planner before you rush into things!
  • 3. Future-planning - The jackpot collection comes as a choice of a lump-sum one or as an annuity over several years. The latter is recommended - not a wild and whacky idea, but most definitely a sane and self-preserving one. The lottery-winner world is rife with riches-to-rags stories stemming out of a series of bad decisions. Seek professional advice on long-term investments. Don't worry - if you plan it out well, you can still have a rocking life ahead with annual international trips, the occasional festive splurges and a comfortable life in general - without leaving dependents cursing your debts!