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To retire or not to retire: the tales of 2 lottery winners


EuroMillions retire

Winners from last month’s big Mega Friday draw on Nov 28 are now officially coming forward to claim their million of fortune and the first names to hit the spotlight are Michael Marshall, a 20-year-old pizzeria worker from Wiltshire and Raymond Storey, a 61-year-old lorry driver from Dundee. Both winners have taken the windfall extremely well, are perfectly delighted with their turn of luck, and have quit their respective jobs in honour of their newly-earned millionaire status.

The 20 year old decided to….

Michael recently made it as manager at Stone Willy’s pizza restaurant in Corsham after working there for almost a year, which has included weekends. Though he has served notice and plans to take a longish break of sorts, he reckons he will eventually get back to working or start a business. He is, however, absolutely firm on permanently retiring his old Ford Fiesta, ironically the same age as his own, and buying a new car – perhaps the first of many things he’s planning to do with his prize-money. His second major splurge will on a house for himself. Michael, who has been living with his parents all this while, will also buy a new place for them.

But that would be after the lucky lad gets back from a fortnight’s worth of an all-expenses-paid holiday on Aussie sand and surf with girlfriend Kelly, which is also part of the Mega Friday prize apart from the cash.

Whereas the 60 year old….

Mr. Storey has, however, chosen to forego the luxury vacation and business class experience in favour of the cash alternative, which takes his winnings to £1,050,000 – not bad at all for a retirement kitty! Close to less than a year away from retirement, it took him all of 2 minutes to take a call on that important life-event, now that his future looked pretty much secure.

“I was in the kitchen making myself a cup of tea and I thought I would turn on the laptop in the kitchen to check my numbers. I found out I was a millionaire at 6am and I decided to retire at 6.02am,” says Mr. Storey. He has no grand or concrete plans for his new fortune, and will simply prefer “living my life as I please” with the missus - an incredibly practical and ideal goal to go about; he also plans to keep on playing the Euromillions which will be his own way of ‘giving back’ to the lottery that has been so good to him. That is indeed a very sweet gesture and we wish Mr. Storey a wonderful time with his retirement.

There were 8 other ‘guaranteed winners’ from the Nov 28 Mega Friday draw, selected by the Millionaire Maker raffle, and whose details are still coming in. The raffle also creates one millionaire every draw, so if you’ve missed out on the Mega Friday blitz last month, there’s really no reason to despair or keep waiting for the month-end (and yet another Mega Friday). Just make sure you’re not too late for the Tuesday and Friday draws every week, you can buy tickets online till the very last hour - even if you happen to be snowed in!