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Your Chance To Make EuroMillions History


British EuroMillions History

Friday November 6th, 2015 – put it in your smartphone, on your computer, or, if you're old school like me, mark it in your calendar! It's the date of the next EuroMillions SuperDraw – and your chance to make EuroMillions history!

Since the very first Superdraw back in 2011, Superdraws have been igniting the imaginations of players throughout Britain and right across the Continent.

The guaranteed €100 million prize is more than enough to make anyone want to play, even those who don't regularly play the lottery, but it's those juicy rollovers, potentially creating jackpots as high as €190 million (approx. £140 million), that causes the real excitement. 

Will Britain Top The EuroMillions League?

Right now the leaderboard is as follows; Britain won two of the last five Superdraws and is currently tied with Portugal. Here's the top five from most to least recent:

June 12th 2015: Anonymous UK Winner – over £93 million.

March 6th 2015: Anonymous Portuguese winner – over £72 million

October 24th 2014: Anonymous Portuguese winner – over £149 million

June 13th 2014: Anonymous Spanish Winner – over £109 million

March 14th 2014: Neil Trotter, London – over £107 million

Britain's EuroMillions Record

Our top five starts in March last year when London mechanic and motorsport enthusiast Neil Trotter won more than £107 million. A few months later an anonymous winner from Spain won £109. Then along came Portugal who scored two in a row; £149 million in October 2014 and then £72 million in March 2015.

But then Britain came charging back, blocking Portugal's dreams of a hat trick.

The lucky anonymous player won £93 million, one of the largest EuroMillions jackpots ever won and the sixth largest win by a UK player.

Will this November 6th Superdraw also be a big win for Britain? Could we possibly even achieve the hat trick that we denied Portugal? It's possible.

Britain is not only one of the founders of EuroMillions, it's also one of its luckiest participants. Two of the top five biggest ever EuroMillions jackpots have gone to UK players, including the biggest ever British win, Colin and Chris Weir's £185 million win in 2011, and Adrian and Gillian Bayford, the biggest EuroMillions jackpot winners of all time.

The Weirs won more money in pound value. In fact they were directly responsible for EuroMillions having to raise the maximum jackpot value to €190 million. Then of course the Bayfords came along and won that maximum value, which came in at £148 million.

In other words, no matter how you slice it, Britain are the champions of EuroMillions – it's just the other countries don't know it yet! ;)

So let's make it official once and for all by getting a two-in-a-row, three-in-the-top five undisputed win – it's your patriotic duty to win at least £71 million on the EuroMillions Superdraw!