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23. March 2018

  • 33 Hours
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32 Million Pounds

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20.03.2018 - Tuesday

  • 26
  • 29
  • 37
  • 39
  • 44
  • 9
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Time Is Running Out To Get Your Golden EuroMillions Ticket


The Golden Ticket

No doubt you already know about the November 6th Superdraw but have you heard about the EuroMillions Golden Ticket yet? With a EuroMillions Golden Ticket you get 100 free quick-picks for the upcoming Superdraw – that's 100 chances to win big on EuroMillions, valued at £200, for free!

Guaranteed Wins

Imagine you had a stack of 100 EuroMillions tickets in your hand – you'd be sure to win something, right? A hundred free lines on EuroMillions is therefore a sure thing, money-wise – which is exactly what a EuroMillions Golden Ticket gives you.

When you look at the odds of winning a prize on EuroMillions it's almost impossible not to win a prize with a Golden Ticket, and indeed it helps bring your chances of hitting that massive jackpot 100 times closer. 

So, how do you get your hands on a Golden Ticket? Well, as you can well imagine there's quite a lot of demand, so you need to enter a raffle.

We should mention, too, that it's not a real golden ticket, but rather a virtual ticket, which unlocks your hundred free quick picks at Lottoland.

To enter the raffle you need to play two lines before tomorrow (Tuesday 27th October) night's  £26 million EuroMillions draw. So, for £4 not only do you get two shots at winning £26 million, you'll then also be entered into the Golden Ticket raffle for free, to win your hundred chances to land €100 million, or around £71 million, on Friday the 6th of November!

Don't Miss This Chance To Win!

Remember, you'll need to buy your two EuroMillions lines ahead of the Tuesday 27th draw to be in with your chance to win, so hurry – get your two EuroMillions lines at Lottoland now!