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Gillian Bayford purchased the modest sized Sugar and Spice café in Arbroath harbour for £150,000 in 2014, which had 21 members of staff. Employees were made to sign controversial zero hours contracts which included a gagging order, presumably to prevent them from telling the media about their millionaire owner's antics.

Staff were informed by Bayford's personal assistant via telephone that the café was to be closing and they were to be made redundant.

Outraged by the way they were told the news, and their inability to discuss the incident, staff have turned to the Citizens Advice Bureau to see if they have any rights, or can do anything about the imminent closure.

While staff had been promised a severance package, it turned out to be a poultry £100, which would be tough to swallow for anyone, but it comes with the news that Bayford is jetting off for a 6-week holiday in the sun.

The café is part of Gillian Bayford's extensive property empire, which she has been developing since her big win, and is reportedly worth over £3 million.

Adrian made the papers on numerous occasions; after purchasing a £6 million Grade 2 listed mansion, splashing out 2 million on horses and stables for his new fiancé and most recently for his Lady Gaga memorabilia binge.

Gillian on the other had has coveted less headlines, with her lifestyle flying under the media's watchful eye, probably because her spending hasn't be in the realm of extravagance that her ex husband's is.

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