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Special EuroMillions Brexit Jackpot


EuroMillions Brexit Special Jackpot

Oh no! Not another Brexit article! Well, not quite.

No doubt you're sick of hearing about it; Britain In, Britain Out – Britain Shake It All About!

Well at least Britain's still a member of Europe's most beloved institution, the one everyone agrees about – EuroMillions.

And while politicians do what they do best – blather, dither, bicker, stab each other in the back and waffle on endlessly about people they're completely out of touch with –  YOU can take advantage of bigger jackpots than ever before!


You've heard that phrase that the Chinese have the same word for crisis as opportunity – apparently it's not actually true, but it's one of things we like to think is true, because it fits. Because deep down we know there's more than a grain of truth in there. 

The Brexit crisis is a case in point. There's going to be pain and hardship ahead, for sure, though if Britain can bear the Blitz it can surely weather the Brexit.

And, as with all things economic, one man's crisis is another man's opportunity. For the proprietor who imports goods from Europe, the cost will be higher. But for the merchant selling British goods abroad, a lower Sterling value means more sales.

As for the future, this is uncertain, but in business the future is always uncertain, so the savvy businessman or businesswoman instead focuses on the here and now. Because there are always opportunities to be had, you just have to look for them!

Currency Fluctuations & EuroMillions

Here's a strange fact; with a jackpot of €190 million the Bayfords are the biggest EuroMillions winners of all time. (A Portuguese player won the same amount back in 2014 but the Portuguese government shaved 20% off in taxes)   

Yet, despite this massive win the Bayfords aren't the UK's biggest lottery winners. That distinction belongs to the Weirs.

Now here's where it gets interesting. The Weirs won €185 million in July 2011, prompting the organisers to increase the maximum jackpot value. Then, the following year, Britain won big again when the Bayfords won the €190 million jackpot in August 2012.  

So one year and a month of a difference between the two wins but the difference in the Sterling amount was quite significant.

Despite winning €5 million more the Bayfords netted £148 million, compared with the Weirs' prize of £161 million.

Why? Because of the Eurozone crisis. The Euro had dropped considerably in value during the interim to the point where winning €5 million more resulted in £13 million less!

Of course, right now, the opposite is the case. If you were to win the top EuroMillions jackpot now, you'd make £157 million, £9 million more than the Bayfords (though still not as much as the Weirs.)

EuroMillions Brexit Special Jackpot

The fact is nobody knows what's going to happen next. So you can either stay all tensed up, or loosen up and go with the flow.

Or as they say on the continent, que sera sera!

The organisers of EuroMillions obviously see things differently. Because this time last year we'd already had two EuroMillions Superdraws. Were they waiting to see how Brexit went? Again, who knows?!

Luckily Lottoland aren't holding back though. They've decided that EuroMillions fans have been kept waiting long enough, so they've decided to pony up the money – a whopping £70 million! – themselves, in what they're calling a "Special Jackpot".

As opportunities go it's a good one, but you won't find it on the high street, it's only available at