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Buy EuroMillions Superdraw tickets for Friday March 7 2014

This Friday's Euromillions superdraw has a guaranteed jackpot of £80,000,000. Introduced in 2004 there are now certain draws where the Euromillions jackpot gets increased, these 'superdraws' take place sporadically throughout the year when there is enough money in the kitty. Funds are added to the existing Euromillions jackpot to make it a 'superdraw' - for example if the existing Euromillions jackpot stood at £50,000,000 then £30,000,000 would be added to make it the superdraw.

The last superdraw took place on the 15th November 2013 when a lucky Spanish player scooped up a whopping £83,000,000.

Sometimes though, there is no winner so the superdraw prize money gets rolled over until someone wins the draw and comes forward with a winning ticket. This happened on the 7th June 2013 when the total rollover amount reached £159,000,000 before two winners, one from Belgium and one from Ireland, stepped forward and split the prize money.

The superdraw rollover prize money can be won by a single ticket as seen on the 22nd March 2013 when a French player bagged the whole £112,000,000. This also happened to a couple from UK city of Cambridge when they won the rollover total of £101,000,000 from their golden ticket back in October 2011.

Are you sat there dreaming about what you could buy with £80,000,000 if you were to win the draw on the 7th March? Well here are a few handy suggestions?

  • You could buy Celine Dion's house from her. Currently on the market for £43,000,000 this beautiful house is accompanied with it's own waterpark. The property, which spans across 10,000,000 sq. ft. currently has three pools (one with an ocean view), a tree house, various bridges and slides and it's own 'lazy river.' Not a bad way for you and the kids to spend a Sunday afternoon hey?
  • For all those mechanic fanatics out there with your jackpot win you could buy yourself 28 Lamborghini Veneno's, which are currently the most expensive car in the world. At £2,700,000 these beasts will get you from 0 - 60 in just 2.8 seconds and allow you to hit top speeds of 221mph. You'll have Clarkson banging your door down to befriend you?
  • Animal lover? Well with your jackpot money you can splash out and buy the worlds most expensive cat - The Ashera, a hybrid cat with the same markings as a snow leopard sell for £75,000. Only 5 are bred per year so if you win you'll have to get yourself on the waiting list!
  • Ladies, you can relive your childhood dream and become a real life Dorothy if you win this weeks amazing super draw! For £1,750,000 you can buy your own pair of ruby slippers from the House of Harry Winston. These beauties are crafted out of 4,600 rubies and 50 carats of diamonds. Probably not ideal to pop to your local Tesco's in.
  • Move over Richard Branson, this week's jackpot will allow you to buy your own island. 'Sweet Island' is located off British Columbia, Canada and is selling for £68,000 (a measly dent in your £80,000,000). Set in the Stuart Lake, your own private island can become a sanctuary for some of the finest rainbow trout fishing in the world. Fishing not take your fancy? Well not to worry, you can still enjoy water skiing, boating, swimming, sunbathing, ice sailing, dog sledding as well as moose, elk, bear and deer hunting.
  • Fancy bagging yourself Christiano Ronaldo? Florentino Perez splashed out £80,000,000 to transfer the football superstar to Real Madrid back in 2009.
  • 'We all live in a yellow submarine' doesn't have to be just an annoyingly catchy Beatles song. For £1,000,000 you can own your own ?C-Explorers? submarine. With a capacity to dive 1000 metres below the oceans surface a robotic arm and a fully air conditioned cabinet with seating for 6 people you can take your friends out for a weekend at sea they'll never forget.
  • Still got some money left, how about bidding against Nicholas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio for a dinosaur skill worth $276,000. No we're not quite sure why you'd spend that much on it either but it's got to be pretty exciting outbidding Cage and DiCaprio, right?

We all know the saying, 'you gotta be in it to win it' so if you want your shot at the Euromillions superdraw jackpot now for your chance at winning that £80,000,000!

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