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The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Purchases


"Are You Out Of Your Mind?"

We, the regular people with jobs and everything, we know nothing about spending money. You may think that rich people find it easy to spend their money, but they don’t. Oh, how they struggle to find the next absurd purchase that would make the whole world go, “What?!?”…

Here are some of the most extravagant and ridiculous purchases that the rich and famous have made. It’s probably a good idea to grab a pen right now for you might need inspiration in case you run out of ideas on how to spend your lottery winnings in the most illogical way ever.

A $60 Million Mansion (Tiger Woods)

While I am not a property expert, I still believe that $60 Million can buy you some sweet spots in some of the most prestigious places on this planet (though I am not sure if there isn’t a reasonably priced property you can get your hands on that’s located on another planet as well).

A $30 Million Airplane (Michael Jordan)

Even though it is unarguably one hell of a beautiful machine, the UNC Tarheel powder blue Gulfstream IV is maybe (just maybe) not the most reasonable purchase. Would you agree?

A $2,500 rug (Ben Affleck)

OK, you must be kidding me. No, I just checked again. That’s $2,500 spent on a rug. A rug! He got the pricey purchase while filming in Turkey and now the famous rug is probably proudly crying on his bathroom floor, getting rubbed on his wet feet, thinking, “Oh, I was so comfortable in that old Turkish store, what have I done to deserve a destiny like this?”

A $100,000 pair of leggings (Beyonce)

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not just a random pair of leggings. These are gold Balenciaga leggings (whatever that means) and Beyonce proudly wore them at the BET awards in 2007. This, however, is twisted in so many ways that I don’t even know what to begin with. First, who is this reckless stylist that would have the imprudence to recommend covering her fabulous legs in leggings? Second, who decided they cost $100,000? Even if they were made of pure gold, 1 kg of pure gold costs about $40,000, so does this mean these are some 2 kg leggings or what? Poor Beyonce…

A $2 million bathtub (Mike Tyson)

An impressive $2 million. That’s what Mike Tyson paid for a bathtub for his first wife Robin Givens. They say love doesn’t have a price. Well, for Mike Tyson, apparently, it does. And the price tag says $2 million. For a bathtub. Maybe if I keep repeating it, it will sink in my mind. No, it just floats like there like a rubber duck in a bathtub (a $2 million bathtub at that).

A $1,700 plane ticket (Bono)

I can hear the comments here, “Well, that’s not ridiculous. He is Bono, for heaven's sake, he can afford the first-class plane experience”. And you would be totally right. If it was about Bono… As it turns out, it’s not just Bono who likes flying first class. His hat, apparently, has some requirements as well. You see, Bono’s hat obviously has it all figured out. “I am a famous hat”, it probably thinks, “So why not make my owner pay $1,700 on a plane ticket for me? After all, he’s the one who left me in Italy. I’ll make him pay! Am I Bono’s hat or what?”

A $35,000 iPhone (Victoria Beckham)

We all know Victoria Beckham and her extravagant choices when it comes to spending money on fashion items. But I feel pity for her. Why spend $35,000 on a 24 karat gold iPhone 4 when the thing will be up-to-date for, like, a week? I bet her pool guy must have gotten the 6 by now…

A $17,000 mattress (Daniel Radcliffe)

Now that’s what I call a wise purchase. Come to think of it, I would totally spend $17,000 on a mattress. Haha! Who am I kidding? But that’s just me. Perhaps Daniel Radcliffe finds it difficult to fall asleep on anything that’s worth less than a, say, Toyota Corolla… I have a suggestion to you, Daniel, though. Get married. Have a child. This will totally change your concept of a good night’s sleep. And you may find the slippery bathroom floor just as appealing as a $17,000 mattress (as long as the baby has finally stopped screaming bloody murder, that is). Ask me how I know.