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Boss ordered by judge to share lottery win with waiter

This is good news out there for all of you with psychic aspirations!

A restaurant owner was recently ordered to share his lottery win with his waiter, who had predicted his boss' win in a dream.

Restaurant owner Hayati Kucukkoylu was told in court that he had to share his £1 million win on EuroMillions with his waiter Faith Ozcan.

The waiter claimed to have dreamt about his boss winning on the lottery. The next day he pestered Mr Kucukkoylu about buying a lottery ticket.

He eventually did and picked up a dream win. But he refused to share it with his clairvoyant employee. This is what led to the dispute.

Mr Ozcan wouldn't have any of it and took the case to court. He was eventually awarded £500,000 after a judge ordered them to share the windfall.

The judge based his decision on CCTV footage showing the pair filling in the numbers together. Ozcan also claims to have been the one to purchase the ticket - albeit with his boss' money.

In his verdict, the judge said that: ?I find that Mr Ozcan had a dream which involved him and Mr Kucukkoylu and a large sum of money.?

?Mr Ozcan pestered his boss into playing the lottery with him?, the judge continued, ?they contributed equally to the purchase o the ticket.?

Mr Kucukkoylu is said to have first refused to share the win and it is also alleged that he acted in an angry and threatening manner.

When you buy a lottery ticket for someone or play together in a syndicate together, it is always important to draw up a contract or some set rules.

What happens if you win? Will you share the prize equally? Who is responsible for collecting the money?

Playing together with someone can hold many benefits. It will allow to invest more money in tickets, increasing your chances of winning a life-changing sum - even if it's divided between two or more people.

But it is also important to be on the clear with how the win should be split.

This was obviously not the case when these two colleagues picked up their dream win.

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