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How To Pick The Best EuroMillions Numbers


Best Lottery Numbers

Statistically speaking there's a chance you're doing the lottery wrong, and have been for years. In this article you'll find out what exactly are the best EuroMillions numbers, how to pick them as well as the verifiable science behind this methodology.

What Are The Best EuroMillions Numbers?

Historically speaking they're all available on our EuroMillions statistics page. There you can see the most popular numbers in terms of frequency drawn. We include this information because it's popular – lots of players want to know what the so-called "hot" numbers are.

Only there's a slight problem with this – every single EuroMillions draw is a unique event, there's no correlation between one draw and the next and any given number has an equal chance of being drawn as any other. So, while some lottery websites will claim that picking hot numbers is a strategy, the reality is it has no bearing on whether or not you're going to win.

So unless you got a plutonium-powered Delorean with a working flux capacitor and fancy pulling a Biff Tannen these numbers really not much use to you in the future. 

The best EuroMillions numbers, therefore, are the ones that get picked. Obviously right? But that's only half of it. The more people play, such as will be the case leading up to the EuroMillions Superdraw on November 6th, the greater the chances that somebody will pick the same numbers as you.

Therefore the best EuroMillions numbers are unique numbers – numbers nobody has picked but you, to guarantee you the full jackpot amount should you win.  

The Smart Way To Pick Lottery Numbers

The best way to bet on EuroMillions, or any lottery for that matter, is to avoid picking the same numbers are everyone else. And the best way to do that is by using random quick picks.

Why? Because it helps you stand out from the pack – which, in turn, means no shared wins.

They say seven is a lucky number – but how many people pay that number? Think about how many players there are, not just in the UK but all over Europe, millions of people all hoping to get lucky playing EuroMillions. How many of them think that seven is a lucky number too?

And how many of them do you think use special dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries in them? –How many of those dates have the number 19 in them?

How many of those players do you think have young children and use the year of their birth – 20?

Picking dates also tends to create a large glut of people picking numbers between 1 and 31. If all you do is pick dates it leaves you with 19 potentially winning numbers you never play, while also increasing your chances of a shared jackpot enormously.

Another popular method of picking numbers, more popular than most people realise, is the pattern method. The problem here is that, no matter what pattern you select there's only so many different ways you can mark a ticket with 60 numbers on it so there's always going to be people with the same pattern as you.

Now if you think you can just glance down at the ticket and select numbers at random think again. Scientists have proven, time and time again, that we are incapable of doing this. As pattern-seeking creatures our brains simply aren't wired up that way. Which is great for speeding up our survival instincts but not so good for picking random numbers because no matter how hard we try our subconscious will always betray us. We'll still pick numbers based on their significance to us – just like millions of others.

Remember lotteries have nothing to do with patterns; all numbers are drawn at random, so they should be picked that way too. And the only way for you to pick truly random numbers – and therefore greatly minimise the chance that your jackpot win will have to be shared with other players – is to use quick picks.

Computers, unlike us, don't have a subconscious and are therefore perfect at picking numbers at random – making quick picks the best way to pick lottery numbers.

So if you've been playing your own lottery numbers for years without success maybe it's time to make a change. This Friday's EuroMillions jackpot is worth £11 million and don't forget that €100 million (approx. £74.35 million) is also just around the corner. If you bet with Lottoland you can skip the queues and bet in advance. If you haven't done so before you can get your first betting line free if you sign up with Lottoland today.