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Belgium’s biggest EuroMillions winner claims €168 million

EuroMillions draw that took place on 11th October (last Tuesday) made Belgium’s biggest EuroMillions winner €168 million richer. Wow, that’s a lot of millions.

The winner has Albanian origin and lives in Brussels. A father of four, he may not find it very difficult to spend his newly-acquainted fortune… The impressive jackpot he won is in top 5 of the biggest EuroMillions jackpots ever and made him the richest Belgian EuroMillions winner. 

The lucky ticket that made the man who works for the Belgian capital’s waste management service £150 million richer, was drawn on 11th October and his lucky numbers were 5, 12, 20, 24, 37 and lucky stars 4 and 11. The fortunate winner spent only €15 on EuroMillions tickets for this draw and they certainly paid well. These are officially his best-spent €15 I guess.

Let’s give this EuroMillions jackpot winner some ideas on how to spend his fortune based on his favorite things in life (football, Robert De Niro films, and cooking with fish):

Travel the world following your favorite football team

Whether it is Manchester United, Arsenal, Barça or any other football club you are a fan of, €168 million will give you the opportunity to always get the best seats for all the games you want to watch! Besides, you will have the luxury to travel 1st class and stay at 5-star hotels as the rest of millionaires do while you enjoy watching your favorite game. I am genuinely jealous of you. Big time.

Live like Robert De Niro

OK, do you know you are officially richer than your movie idol, Robert De Niro? As of 2016, his estimated net worth is $150 million which can easily make him your poorer neighbor. Heck, you can even buy his former home – a magnificent 5-bedroom penthouse in Manhattan that he used to rent for years! It will cost you $39.8 million and you will still have plenty of money to buy all his DVDs and play them on your state-of-the-art home theater set.

Or, you can cover the budget of his next movie! “Meet the Parents”, from 2000, for example, cost $55 million and made more than $166 million in profit, so it will not only give you the chance to get to know Robert better but also make you even richer than you already are!

Eat the most expensive sushi in the world

If you like cooking with fish, you probably like eating sushi as well. Now that you are filthy with money, you can eat your favorite sushi in the most expensive sushi restaurant in the USA. Luckily for you (if you already consider buying Robert de Niro’s penthouse), it’s in your new neighborhood! Masa is not only the most expensive restaurant in NYC, but it is also the first Japanese restaurant to receive 3 Michelin stars!

A dinner for one there starts at $450 (no tax, tips or drinks included, mind you) and it is so expensive that even not attending it will cost you money. Any sushi lover who made a reservation and didn’t cancel it within 48 hours prior to attending, has to pay a set penalty fee of $200. I wonder if they 

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