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EuroMillions Jackpots for Britain and Austria


Big Wins for Austria and Britain

Ok, it's time to stop the frenzied search. The nation went into a panic when it was announced that a massive EuroMillions jackpot had yet to be claimed. Up and down the country people hastily upturned sock drawers, rummaged through presses, upturned sofas and cushions and detailed their cars in the hope that they might be the lucky winners. And, perhaps in one instance at least, the search proved successful.

After what seemed like an aeon the lucky British winner of a £28.5 million EuroMillions jackpot has finally come forward.

The winner has opted to remain anonymous, however, so other than that few details have been published.

The win, dating back to Friday 14th August, is the fifth British jackpot win so far this year. The largest remains June's £93 million jackpot, claimed, once again, by an anonymous winner.

The Sound Of Jackpots

Meanwhile another lucky EuroMillions winner, from Austria this time, won herself a tasty jackpot worth more than €30.5 million or, at the time of writing, £22.25 million.

The anonymous female winner is from the southernmost tip of Austria, in the picturesque alpine region of Carinthia, a popular destination for hikers and tourists.

The lucky winner admitted to normally playing Austria's own Lotto, and had just decided to play EuroMillions on a whim.

Now, over €30.5 million richer, she's the twelfth EuroMillions jackpot winner from the country.

Austria's very first win, in 2006, was quite a headline-maker at the time. The winner accidentally submitted two tickets with the exact same numbers and therefore ended up winning the jackpot twice. Since the winning numbers were also picked by two other players this turned out to be a great winning strategy, allowing him to keep half the jackpot amount for himself.

Austria's largest jackpot winner is also an anonymous winner from Carinthia, who won €55.6 million, or approx. £40.5 million.

10 Million Pounds Up For Grabs!

This Friday the EuroMillions jackpot is worth £10 million. Can you think of a better way to kick off the August Bank Holiday weekend? Don't miss out on your chance to win this incredible EuroMillions jackpot!