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23. March 2018

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32 Million Pounds

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20.03.2018 - Tuesday

  • 26
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Mystery Winners And Hail Mary Quickpicks


EuroMillions Winners Sought

It's a common story – people rush to buy tickets to play the EuroMillions but then forget to check their numbers after. Somewhere out there, perhaps even in your neighbourhood, there are millionaires in-waiting – lottery winners who are seemingly oblivious to the fact that they've just won a fortune! (And maybe that winner is you!)

Mystery Devon Winner

Did you play EuroMillions on Friday the 27th of March? Did you buy your ticket in Devon? If so maybe you'll want to dig out your ticket and run your numbers through our EuroMillions number checker.

One lucky winner has not only just become £1 million richer he or she has also won a fantastic new car.

This is the same lucky draw where David and Catherine Long famously beat odds of 253 billion to 1 to win £1 million on EuroMillions – twice! Following their celebrations they also got to drive off in a brand new Jaguar F Type.

Overall ten players won the £1 million and car prize, though the Devon winner has yet to claim. He or she need not hurry, however, as they have until September to come forward.

Time Running Out For Reading Winner

It's a different story for another winner from Reading. The winning ticket – worth $404,235, has gone unclaimed since October of last year.  If the money isn't claimed by Sunday 26th April then the amount will be donated to charity. So if you think you have an old lottery ticket from the draw of Tuesday the 28th of October it's about time to start some spring cleaning by searching through every drawer, going through all your pockets, looking under your furniture and checking between all the cushions.

Wait And See

Some might consider waiting to the last minute to claim winnings as somewhat reckless. However one could also argue it's actually quite a sensible approach. Such large amounts of money are clearly life-changing and people frequently underestimate how overwhelming such a win can be. Better to take your time to ponder it, let it slowly dawn on you that you've won then get your accounts in order, as it were, before going ahead to accept that enormous windfall.


Of course the other possibility, and the one which all lottery players fear most, is that the winning tickets have been lost. Just one of the many reasons why playing EuroMillions online is better than playing in your local store – since there are no tickets to loose and wins are credited instantly.

Woman Spends Last €3 And Wins €500,000

Here's a nice story to end our monthly round-up on. An Irish woman who was down on her luck decided to spend her last €3 on a EuroMillions ticket – and won. This "Hail Mary Pass", as the call it in America, was quite a lucky one when considering the odds.

“I play EuroMillions now and again", the winner said, "but that day I just felt really lucky. I only had €3 left in my pocket and I thought – this is my chance! Now I have a cheque for €500,000 in my pocket. What a turnaround!"

The lady comes from the town of Skibbereen in County Cork, the most southern town in Ireland and also one of its luckiest in terms of lottery wins. Indeed only a few months ago, back in January, a local prodigal son returned from abroad and also proceeded to win €500,000 with a quickpick.

Will Lady Luck Smile On You This Friday?

This Friday's EuroMillions jackpot is worth €51 million – approximately £36 million. You can now play Euromillions online, risk-free if you sign up to Lottoland and take advantage of their no-win/no-pay welcome bonus.