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April Showers For EuroMillions


EuroMillions April Showers

If you look at the latest EuroMillions results you will notice that luck was smiling on some, but not all recently. Much like April weather, Lady Luck is fickle, giving us plenty of prize winners but no jackpots.

The draw at the end of March saw a couple from Lincolnshire winning a massive jackpot which, when converted into pounds – £53 million – immediately catapulted them into the top ten British EuroMillions winners.

We also had another notable UK win as David and Kathleen Long from Scunthorpe beat odds of 283 billion to one by scooping £1 million on EuroMillions – for the second time!

But, like we say, Lady Luck is fickle, and since the month of April began, things have been quiet.

April Showers

Now, when we say quiet that's not to say that there haven't been wins. And those who have won, I'm certain, didn't celebrate so quietly either. Still, we've just had two draws – Friday, April 10th and Tuesday April 14th – and so far no jackpot winners.

This brings the jackpot up to £22 million for Friday 17th and, as the pot grows bigger, it ensures more people will be looking to play to get a chance to win it. The more people play the higher the chances that the jackpot will, at last, be won.

EuroMillions Results

Take heart, however, because April is not a month known for its dry spells. And if you haven't checked your numbers recently we recommend that you do with our handy number checker. It would be a huge missed opportunity not to do this since EuroMillions offers twelve other prize tiers besides the jackpot. Indeed the second and third prize tiers often eclipse the jackpots of other national lotteries.

On the draw of April 10th two lucky players scooped the second tier prize – each player is now over €712,500 (approx. £ 511,240) richer. Those who predicted 5 numbers but no stars hit the third prize tier worth €158,333 (approx. £113,652) – maybe not millions, but certainly a sizeable chunk of cash with plenty of life-changing possibilities.

Tuesday's results told a similar story, no jackpot but again two people won the second-tier prize worth €502,336 (approx. £360,635). Congratulations to all the winners!

Will The Jackpot Be Won This Friday?

It's hard to say, but of course there's a strong possibility. Remember the more the jackpot rises, the more people will want to play for it and therefore the higher the chance that it will finally be won. If that's the case it will return to the minimum jackpot amount of around £12 million and the whole process will start over again. So don't let this chance to win £22 million slip away! So skip the queue and play EuroMillions online now!