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26. January 2018

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23.01.2018 - Tuesday

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Have Another Shot At The £151 EM Jackpot



It's over, the insane run of Superdraw rollovers has come to an end! It's back to earth with a bang for those of us who didn't win big, and a very very good Wednesday for the lucky Belgian winner who scooped the £151 million jackpot!

Disappointed on missing out on that HUGE jackpot? Of course! But have no fear, Lottoland are giving you one more shot at banking £151 million this Friday.

That's right, they're running another of their Rollover Reload promotions, meaning you can be in with a chance of banking another £151 million jackpot. It gets better, with tickets costing just £2 per line, you can win a whole lot more for less.

Plus, for an additional 50p you can get one of their exclusive Magic Million scratchcards, which boasts a £1 million top prize. That's two ways to become a millionaire for the price of a ticket with any other lottery provider – and their jackpot will be 1/10 of the size too!

Rollover Reloads are exclusive to Lottoland, giving players another shot at a big money jackpot despite their being a winning in the previous draw. You won't find this amazing jackpot anywhere else, it's just for Lottoland players, so grab your lotto lines today and bet smarter!

Offering lotto betting, Lottoland give players an incredible new experience, complete with a whole host of additional offers.

It's not just EuroMillions tickets for £2, or exclusive super-sized jackpot, there are also over twenty international lotteries available. Lottoland's roster boasts both the PowerBall and MegaMillions jackpots from America, which regularly exceed £200 million!

You'll also find the world's biggest lottery, Spain's El Gordo, which takes place every Christmas. How big is it? Well, with an approximate jackpot of £1.6… BILLION, we're talking colossal, gargantuan, vast, you get my drift…
Of course we can't always have record breaking jackpots, some weeks the world of lottery is severely lacking headline grabbing jackpots, luckily Lottoland has the solution. With a Double Jackpot feature available on all their top lotteries, customers can choose to double their potential winnings at the click of a button!

A whole host of reasons to give Lottoland a go today, but most importantly, don't miss out on your final shot at the £151 million EuroMillions jackpot!