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What To Buy After You Win The Lottery

What to do if you win the lottery? It's a problem that many of us would like to have, but once the new car is bought and the mortgage paid off, just how do you spend all that remaining cash?

We've scoured the Internet for 10 of the most luxurious and bizarre items you could buy with those lottery winnings.

Flat In The Trump Tower (£5.5 million)

Forget the mansion in Marbs, why not install yourself in Donald Trump's exclusive skyscraper. At a mere 5.5 million pounds, for a two bed condo, your neighbours would include Real Madrid superstar Ronaldo, Bruce Wills and Andrew Lloyd-Webber.

Plus, if things go well for Donald you will be living in the President of the United States' tower… eeh, moving on!

World's Most Expensive TV (£1.5 million)

Do you ever look at your TV and think it's just not garish enough? Decked out in 22 carat gold and studded with 48 diamonds, you'll still be starting at the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose even when its off.

That’s not all, the edges are framed with peeled alligator, ensuring you never forget you are well and truly at the top of the food chain.

A Trip Into Space (£175,000)

Ever dreamed of floating in zero gravity, and adding your name to the 553 humans who have ever left our atmosphere?

Well thanks to Virgin Galactic you can, soon…. Despite the odd crash, Richard Branson's company expect to offer the world the first commercial space flights, and for under 200k your name can be on the waiting list.

Eat At The World's Most Expensive Restaurant (£1,400)

The party island of Ibiza is the unlikely location of the world's most expensive restaurant, Sublimotion.

Featuring just 12 tablets and a 20 course tasting menu, Sublimotion is the brainchild of double Michelin star holder, Paco Roncero.

There is no better way of flashing the lotto cash than forking out £75 per course.

Climb Mount Everest (£50,000)

While many winners take to the beaches, what about trying your hand at a spot of mountain climbing?

Scaling the world's highest peak will set you back around £50,000 for a guided tour, making it an extravagant expedition.

Diamond Watch (£3.5 million)

Nothing says 'I'm worth a lot of money' like a diamond encrusted wrist watch, and currently the "Big Bang" by Hublot is the most expensive on the market.

For £3.5 million you can lug around this particular time piece, which boasts 1280 diamonds in total.

A Parking Space (£700,000)

This is not any old spot, a parking space in building a66 E on 11st in downtown Manhattan will set you back around £700,000, 5 times the average price of the average American family home.

Personal Submarine (£1.5 million)

Launched at the Monaco yacht show, this personal submarine allows you to zip about underwater as casually as you might pop to the shops. While the price tag might put even the super wealthy off, just think of all the #LifeAquatic posts you could put on Instagram.

Extinct Bird Feather (£4,000)

In 2010 a feather from the extinct Huia bird was sold for 4k in a New Zealand auction. The bird was last seen in 1907, and its feathers used to adore the headdresses of Maori chiefs.

This doesn’t mean you can burst into the Natural History Museum and start bidding on bits of Dodo, more that should one crop up at auction, you'll be able to snap one up.

Solid Gold Toilet (£5.2 million)

Gold Toilet

Sometimes you need to get inventive when you too much money, and the good people at Hang-Fung, Hong Kong's most expensive jewellers, might just have the answer.

One day, for reasons unknown, they decided to buy in a large amount of gold, melt it down and turn it into a toilet, presumably to bring a bit of credibility to the phrase "sitting on the throne."

If a gold toilet would spruce up your bathroom, why not try your luck with those week's EuroMillions draw, which stands at £24 million.

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