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Five Silly Superstitions Everyone Is Falling For (Including You)


"Fingers crossed!"

Superstitions are very common, yet most of them lack even the slightest piece of logic and, frankly speaking, they just make no sense at all. Here’s a list of the silliest superstitions everyone is falling for (including you):

Fingers Crossed

Keeping your fingers crossed for somebody is believed to bring them good luck. Everybody does this (including me). But why do we do this? The story behind this superstition dates back to early Christianity when every gesture or symbol in the form of a cross was believed to bring good luck. Today, this gesture has totally lost its meaning, yet we’re regularly crossing our fingers to wish someone good luck. Go figure!

Umbrellas Indoors

It still sends shivers down my spine when I have to open my umbrella in the office to let it dry after I arrive at work. Or when I want to see the patterns of a couple of umbrellas in the store before I make a decision which one to buy. Where does this fear come from? There’s a legend that a Roman woman opened an umbrella inside her house and then the house collapsed just a few minutes after that. But do we know how her house was built? The Romans were great engineers, at least for ancient times, today our houses are a little more sturdy.

Walking Under Ladders

OK, let’s admit it – walking under a ladder is not a wise move (practically speaking). I mean, all superstitions aside, this is a risky business! You can get yourself hooked on a wooden chop… You can get hit by a falling tool or an open paint tin…  Or you can accidentally stumble and even knock the workman down! There's lots of possibilities, not the best way to start your day, right? Superstition in this case has nothing to do with it, more common sense.

Seven Years Bad Luck

When was the last time you broke a mirror? Have seven years passed? Did that streak of bad luck hit you yet or are you still waiting for it to strike? Honestly, there's no need to fret. As a matter of fact, the only thing you should worry about in case you break a mirror is the thousands of sharp mirror pieces that have the magical power to hide in the most unbelievable places so that you never see them when you try to clean the mess up. The only way to find it is when you walk into the room barefoot – this is as bad as the luck gets frankly.

Beginners’ Luck

Beginners’ luck, contrary to popular belief, has nothing to do with… luck. The idea that a novice is extremely likely to win a game they play for the first time is usually supported by experienced players, who simply cannot swallow their pride. So instead they look for a way to discredit their not so experienced friends and accept their loss more easily. The reason behind this popular (yet silly) belief is that beginners are less likely to feel the stress an experienced player feels when playing. 

Luck Is All About How You Feel

Luck is all a matter of perception. If you feel unlucky, then bad luck will follow you everywhere, because that's all you will see. If, on the other hand, you feel thankful for what you have, you will see good fortune at every step - and the opportunities to increase that good fortune further will be more apparent. It's simply a matter on what you want to focus - good luck or bad? 

Well, considering this week's EuroMillions is worth £68 million I think it's fair to say that it's the good luck you'll want to be focussing on. So let us wish you good luck also!