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5 Myths About The Lottery You Should Stop Falling For



The myths and legends about the lottery are probably older than lottery itself! It is ridiculous that there are still people who believe in them and swear by some magic powers that increase their chances to win. If you want to play wise and become the next EuroMillions jackpot winner, read on for the 5 myths about the lottery you should stop falling for:

1. Play the same numbers each draw

Playing the same numbers may feel good as it gives you the (false) feeling of security but it will in no way affect your chances to win. In fact, if you go for a quick pick now and then, it may be good for your lottery playing strategy as a certain quick pick is seldom used by many players who pick their own numbers so a winning quick pick ticket is less probable to be split with other winners.

2. Buy your tickets from a lucky store

Come on, there are no lucky stores. The fact that this or that huge jackpot was won by a person who went to buy the winning ticket from a certain store doesn’t mean anything. Well, perhaps it means that that particular store was simply located in a convenient place for that player at that time. Nothing more, nothing less. In fact, you can spare yourself the extra miles to the next “lucky store” and simply buy your lottery tickets online from the comfort of your home or even on the go, using your smartphone!

3. The lottery is a tax to the poor

A lot of people believe that it is only the poor who play the lottery. This cannot be further from the truth! Did you know that 68% of lottery winners still play the lottery on a weekly basis? Enough said.

4. You should rely on hot and cold numbers to win the lottery

There are many lottery players who believe that lottery numbers have a history and choose their numbers based on whether they have or have not been drawn recently. It is surprising that based on the same “history” of a given number, one lottery player would choose to use it while another will reject it. The truth is that statistics can really give you some insights about numbers that have been drawn more frequently than others but that’s about it. Each lottery draw is totally random so there is no point in using hot and cold numbers in increasing your chances to win.

5. You have better chances of being stuck by a lightning than winning the lottery

I am sure you have all heard this myth. What’s ridiculous about it is that there is no way we can relate the two events. I mean, the chances of being struck by a lightning increase a lot if you live in Colombia (the country with the highest average annual rainfall) than if you live in Antarctica where it practically doesn’t rain at all. Besides, the odds of winning the jackpot are based on buying a single ticket in a single draw and you may choose to play multiple tickets per draw so we just cannot compare the two events.