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Playing the EuroMillions lottery

What is EuroMillions?

Answer: EuroMillions is a trans-European lotto originally founded by Britain, France and Spain. It then expanded to nine participating countries. In 2004 Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Portugal also joined raising the lotto's profile, and its prize pool, dramatically. The game is also playable by citizens of the Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Monaco and Andorra.

To play EuroMillions you select five regular numbers from 1-50 plus two star numbers from 1-12. For more detailed information on playing please see our EuroMillions Rules page.

What Are The Odds Of Winning The EuroMillions Lottery?

Answer: The odds of having a EuroMillions winning ticket of any amount is 1 in 13. Your chance of being a EuroMillions jackpot winner by matching all 5 normal balls and 2 Lucky Star balls are about 1 in 1 in 139,838,160.

For a full breakdown of the different odds of winning see our odds and statistics page. To get a full breakdown of prizes, meanwhile, check out EuroMillions Results page.

Can I Play EuroMillions From Outside Of The UK?

Answer: You can only buy UK EuroMillions tickets offline from licensed British dealers or online through the National Lottery. At Lottoland EuroMillions UK, however, you play from anywhere in Europe by betting on the results. (Ideal for British expats or those who want to play EuroMillions on holiday.)

With Lottoland your funds are fully guaranteed by leading insurance providers when you win. It should be noted, however, that this type of online betting is still prohibited in certain countries, most notably the United States.

Do I Pay Tax On EuroMillions Winnings?

Answer: If you are a British resident buying a UK EuroMillions ticket then you will not pay taxes on any winnings and will receive the entire amount as a lump sum. If you are the resident of another country playing UK EuroMillions then the prize might be taxed, depending upon the relevant taxation laws. Some EuroMillions countries, such as Spain, Portugal and Switzerland, now tax lottery winnings.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Play EuroMillions?

Answer: In the UK you must be 16 years old to play EuroMillions, in most other participating countries you must be 18, or in certain countries, 21 years of age to participate. It depends on the local gaming laws. If a winning ticket is bought by a player younger than the age limit then the prize will usually be awarded to that player's legal parents or guardians although in some cases it may also be declared void.

If, on the other hand, you opt to bet on the results of the lottery instead, with lottery betting sites like Lottoland, then you need to be 18 years or older.

How Do I Know If I've Won A Prize?

Answer: Checking your numbers on our EuroMillions automatic number checker is the quickest and easiest way to tell if you are a winner. If you register to play EuroMillions with Lottoland then you will have the winning numbers emailed to you directly after the draw, whether or not you have chosen correctly.

What Is The Biggest EuroMillions Jackpot Of All Time?

Answer: The biggest EuroMillions jackpot of all time is €190 million, or approximately £142 million. This is the maximum amount you can win. It was first won by Adrian and Gillian Bayford in 2012. Two years later an anonymous Portuguese player also won the prize but, due to Portuguese law, had to pay 20% taxes.

The Bayford's win is not the biggest in Britain, however. Due to a fall in the value of the Euro that distinction still belongs to won by Colin and Chris Weir who won £161 million in 2011. The couple famously donated vast sums of money to fund the Yes campaign for the Scottish Independence Referendum, which took place back in September 2014.

Buying EuroMillions Tickets

How Can I Buy EuroMillions Tickets?

Answer: You can now buy EuroMillions tickets either online or offline. Offline purchases can be made from any licensed dealer in the UK, including retail outlets, newsagents, supermarkets, petrol stations and corner shops. Online purchases can be made either via your national lottery's website the UK National Lottery website or, for more flexibility of play, you can bet on the results through licenced online lottery providers such as Lottoland.

Is It Better To Buy EuroMillions Lottery Tickets Online Or Offline?

Answer: We consider it safer to play the lottery online. With a physical ticket there's always the danger you might lose it or forget to claim your prize within the 180 day time limit. By playing online, however, you don't need to worry about that. Proof of purchase is logged by default and winnings will be credited automatically. So there's no need to check your numbers later.

We strongly urge you, however, to ensure you play only with licensed, reputable online lottery providers.

This is why we recommend you do your research first to ensure the company you're playing with is a reputable provider, with a recognised international insurance company underwriting wins. You should also ensure the company is properly regulated. They should clearly display a legitimate gambling license, which is generally linked to from the site's footer. This is why we recommend playing with Lottoland as they are fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

How Much Do EuroMillions Tickets Cost?

Answer: Following the format change a EuroMillions ticket costs £2.50 in the UK after the 23rd of September, 2016. However, with online lottery betting provider Lottoland, players can play EuroMillions for just £2.00, enjoying all the benefits of the new jackpot, without paying the 25% increase.

What Is The Latest Time That I Can Buy A EuroMillions Ticket?

Answer: Ticket sales for EuroMillions lottery draws close at 7:30pm UK Time on both Tuesday and Friday. Ticket sales are then reopened at 9:00pm UK Time for the next EuroMillions draw.

The EuroMillions Draw

How Long Does It Take For The EuroMillions Results To Be Released?

Answer: The results of the EuroMillions lottery will usually be revealed within an hour of the draw although in the past finalised results have not been collated and finalised until as late as midnight for major jackpots.

What Is A Rollover?

Answer: When there is no winner for a particular tier of prizes then the money is said to "roll over" to the next draw. This just means that it will accumulate to the next draw, a system that allows EuroMillions jackpots to grow very quickly.

Statistically rollovers are common for the top EuroMillions jackpot, which often takes several weeks to find a winner. Occasionally rollovers happen for the second or third place prizes, but it becomes mathematically improbable that no one will have the matching numbers for most of the lower tiers.

While technically there is no limit to the amount of rollovers which can occur, the EuroMillions jackpot is capped at €190 million, or at current exchange rates just over £142.2 million. Any further rollovers become "rolldowns" where any amount that exceeds that €190 million figure is then added to the second tier prize.

In February 2012 the rules of EuroMillions were changed so that now only 2 draws maximum can be made at the top jackpot level, after which time the entire jackpot will continue to roll down until a winner is found.

Winning EuroMillions Tickets

Can I Claim My Prize Anonymously?

Answer: Yes. As you've no doubt seen before many big-jackpot EuroMillions lottery winners fast become instant celebrities. So if you are concerned about your privacy, or are just modest by nature, you need not worry.

How Long Do I Have To Claim A Winning Ticket?

Answer: In the UK you have 180 days to make a claim for an offline ticket. After this time your ticket will be void and the money will be donated to charities and other good causes. Any prize money which you win online will be directly deposited into your account so you don't need to worry about the 180 day deadline.

What Happens If I Lose My Ticket?

Answer: If you lose your ticket then whoever finds it (the bearer) may still be able to claim the prize even if you are the purchaser. (As at least one recent high-profile court case has shown.)

You can help protect yourself by signing the back of your EuroMillions ticket and keep your sales receipt as proof of ownership for offline tickets. Better still you can avoid this unpleasant situation completely by opting to play EuroMillions online.

EuroMillions SuperDraw

What Are EuroMillions SuperDraws And When Do They Take Place?

Answer: The EuroMillions SuperDraw takes place on special dates or to celebrate specific milestones for EuroMillions. Although there are several SuperDraws each year the number and the dates upon which they occur varies.

The Super Draw bypasses the results of the previous weeks and sets the top jackpot at €100 million (current rate approx. £87 million) or more, no matter what the current jackpot may be. If no Super Draw winner is found the €100 million jackpot rolls over to the next draw.

These types of draws guarantee plenty of hype and media coverage about who will be Europe's lucky 100x millionaire. The last Super Draw took place on October 3rd, 2014. Find out when the next one will be held on our EuroMillions Super Draws page.

How Do I Win The EuroMillions Jackpot?

Is There A Way To Improve My Chances Of Winning The Lottery?

Answer: There is no scientifically verified way to accurately predict lottery numbers as draws are completely random. Every number has the exact same chance of being drawn. However there are a few things you can do to help improve your chances of winning prizes and also reduce your chances of dividing it between other winning players.

A well-known strategy is to avoid selecting numbers lower than 31 as most players bet on lucky days of the month – meaning that your chances of sharing your prize will be statistically much higher if you also include numbers from 32 upwards!

For a mathematically sound way of improving your chances of winning a prize try playing with an automated Quick Pick. This option is widely available widely online. The advantage of this method is that it employs a random number generator to create strictly random numbers.

These numbers are far less likely to be picked by other players. Therefore Quick Picks offer a greater probability that the chosen numbers will be unique compared with playing your "lucky numbers" which, scientifically-speaking, are likely to be used by far more players than you might realise.